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A Classic Love & the Gale-Driven Windmills of the Heart | A Poem by Paul Tristram

She’s on fire, again!
Amber lighting up her eyes
like hungry wolves out hunting.
Smiling has never been so easy,
natural or dizzying.
There’s a ‘Whoosh’
to every train of thought.
Hiccups and Stuttering
to her normally delicate speech.
An intoxicating invasion
is happening somewhere deep inside…
and it’s shudderingly conquering.
The smell of tulips
is absolutely everywhere,
it must be her dead Grandmother
passing on happy blessings.
She’s kissing teacups bold
without even meaning to
and no longer
counting single magpies only.
Dresses instead of trousers,
brave enough for hats,
emerald crushed velvet
and black-less colours.
Life’s safety bar
is still slightly in reach…
but no longer white-knuckled
and held by panicked breathing.

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