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Up a Level | A Poem by Paul Tristram

It’s like your sitting upon a park bench,
catching your breath,
readying yourself for the next slog.
You are 75% through this nightmare,
the worst of it is behind you now.
It’s brought out the fighter in you completely,
nothing’s going to phase you
after you have completed this.
The people who tried to hurt you
will pay dearly, they’ve also FAILED!
They’ve ended up helping you
by making you wiser and stronger.
You can’t buy that, you have to earn it.
Just up a level or two more,
then you’re out into the sunshine again.
Come on trooper, you’re almost there,
you don’t need anyone to have your back
… you’ve done it all by your fantastic self.

Visit Paul at http://paultristram.blogspot.co.uk/.

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