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Aging | A Poem by J.K. Durick

There’s not going to be that moment, we’ve all had them,
When a doctor tells us that it’s all just a common cold or
Gas pains or merely an imbalance of the humors that will
Correct itself with time, or we can exercise and diet back
From what we thought was the brink. No, not this time,
This time, time becomes the bad guy, exercise and diet
Its close followers; now the aches and pains add up, stay
With us, our worlds become a bit smaller every day, we
Become one of those people we remember from our youth,
Those people who always mention their ailments as if they
Were essential to their identity, slower steps, smaller meals,
Elaborate plans for a calendar that has little more to do than
Mark more time spent. Getting older is built in, there’s no
Escape, no cure, no way to recuperate, no moment after, when
Things are back to normal, when we step out once more with
A new spring in our step and things are back as they were.

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