Poems and Poetry

Rosalie May | A Poem by Stan Morrison

I once had a sister as in a dream
She walked me to school
Bossed me around
Taught me to smoke
And to listen to Jazz
Her laughter rocked the room
And her love filled my heart
Old photos back up the image

Her eyes were filled with unshed tears
Her revised smile lacked conviction
Tethered to coffee pots and ashtrays
As she laughed-coughed-laughed
Concealing oceans of disappointments
Scripting her life for others’ needs
Others less faithful

In her cotton dresses staying up late
Making sandwiches, folding laundry
When she caught me staring
She’d wink across the room
Nights were sad, company hard
The radio playing Joe Loco loud
Now she’s free to do as she likes
Laughing at her own jokes as in a dream

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