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Blank | A Poem by Dah

I am tired of the nonsense
of what does not matter.
This is how I arrived
at not caring:
My heart, a lone rock.

A slate-colored night
is thrown over my body,
the diction of damp leaves,
the convenience of loneliness.

If I could
I would turn the World into mythology
write a final chapter
because I am weary of gods,
of satans,
of those who break the light.

Give me the intelligence
of emptiness:
Let me begin each sentence
with nothing to say.
Let me end each poem
as a blank page.

Visit Dah at https://dahlusion.wordpress.com/.

Written after a random act of violence in the cold-blooded killing of 67 year-old Steve Carter while walking his dog on a trail in Fairfax, California. Steve was a light-filled, beloved yoga teacher. Three 20 year-old drifters are in custody after being arrested while driving his car shortly after the killing. They shot his dog too.

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