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A World Too Dark Too Often | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Julie owns a cat that roams.
Recently he’s been stopping at
Jack and Brenda’s house where
Brenda’s mourning her cat’s death.
Brenda cries except when Julie’s cat
comes around. Tuffy is his name

When Tuffy visits Brenda’s house
he never wants to leave.
He thinks he’s gone to heaven.
He gets tuna, milk and a
forever petting that turns his
purring up full throttle.
Brenda loves to hear it.

Jack finally tells Julie her cat’s
bonded with his wife and
he doesn’t know what to do.
He takes Tuffy home and the cat
comes back again the next day.
But Julie isn’t disturbed at all.
She visits Brenda and tells her
Tuffy’s your cat from now on,

a gift from one heart to another.
Brenda weeps with joy and starts
petting Tuffy who drools and purrs
like a train coming out of a tunnel.
Jack’s amazed to see the light
one act of kindness can shine
on a world too dark too often.

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