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Known Thus to All | A Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Known is this to all
that anywhere in need
people in haste may do
things that in result
could bring disaster
to more people, and
for periods never previously
suffered or expected as
when in great need in
despair people move
they do not know if
things they do instantly
are right or not since,
in desperation, when steps
are taken they are steps
well-justified with the period
in mind, and action suited
considered in that mood
that holds ends and not
means are the goals, and
nothing short of the goals
should be accepted even for compromise formulae drawn
as focus on means taking
time could divert eyes from
goals and leave people in
ever-growing misery when
means meaning miseries
shall be the lone accepted
rule raising more questions
and erasing every answer
that, in sanity others, may
offer to make men mean,
means and ends must be
equally held in honour if
lasting gains are due and
not short-term ones must
be touted as urgent.

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