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A Quiet Mind | A Poem by Roy K. Austin

Is it safe to say
thought has it’s limits?
Beauty, adored as the whole
is lost by seeking the part
as the seeking brain does,
but the quiet mind
after the rain has fallen
to quench the thirst
of the flowering plain,
is not deaf
to the voice of the violet,
the trembling primrose,
or blind to the wild spirit
in the soft eyes of a deer,
and the numb strength
to wrap round with arms
an old, dying oak,
the blue-print of bliss
on the one hand
the signature of heaven,
but on the other, missing
the point forever,
trapped in cold fact
like mummified bones
that give off the ghoul,
a blindness to depth
and a voice that stutters
to all that utters to the soul;
If one does not feel it
one will not see it —
a universal meaning —
in the effect of a rainbow,
from the ground of all being….

Comical Starlings
feed like clowns
then into the sun
fly off as one,
autumn, pulls
on the sad strings
of a sorrowful heart,
as love must part,
turn green to red
when all from dusk to dawn
seemed that of wisdom
yet nothing verbal
yet something said;
o the parts from the whole
do not feed the soul,

over the tongue
from the brain in my head,
come back to life
is what nature said
and I understood
how that was very,
very good.

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