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A Whopper of a Snow | Donal Mahoney

The weather report
the night before
said a foot of snow
maybe more,
heavy and wet.
By morning we had

a monster storm
bigger than any
we’ve had in years.
When I got up
my shovel was ready
but then I looked out
and saw a white wall.

I ran upstairs to look
out the window
and saw again
the same white wall.
I was now a hostage
in an igloo.

The power was out
so I couldn’t get
a weather update.
Or make a cup of coffee.
I prayed the power
would come back on.

As I sit here now
freezing in my parka
I have to tell you
there’s still no power.
And the house
is getting colder.
I’m old enough
to remember well

the last time we had
a storm like this.
The power went out
back then too.
It took a week but
a penguin came,
put his beak
through the wall and
delivered our mail.

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