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Being Right, a Poem about My Mom | By G.S. Katz

My Mom had the most common sense of anyone I’ve ever known
She was right about everything, so much so, it was infuriating at
I bucked her many times thinking I knew better
Which of course I didn’t, I was no match for her

The only thing she wasn’t right about
Was her need to always be right
She didn’t go looking for problems to solve
Situations presented themselves and she always had the answers

Somewhere in my 50s I discovered the joy of not being right all the
Like her, I possess great common sense
There is a burden however for always trying to be right
If you are never wrong, how do you learn from your mistakes I asked

I’m not sure she saw my logic
Being the matriarch, being right was burned in
It’s been 15 months since her passing
I miss her greatly and could use a few answers, right or wrong but
probably right…

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