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Don’t Pander to the Masses | A Poem by Paul Tristram

Follow your own head and heart
not the opinions of judgemental others.
They’re not practicing what they preach
but merely trying to line you up for a fall.
When things are not all plain sailing
(Which to be fair is very seldom)
life seems to be a series of tangled,
bumpy, often dead-end roads.
Which we are all guessing and gambling
our frustrating ways along hoping
to avoid disaster, gain something positive
or at the very least find some peace of mind.
The ones casting stones in your direction
have already lost the game,
and are sneering bitterly from the side-lines
after proving themselves inadequate.
Misery doesn’t just love company
it also hates to witness anything around it
capable of any success or happiness.
Tightrope as swiftly as you can on past
and carry on upon your pilgriming way.

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