Poems and Poetry

I Say | A Poem by Daniel Bogogolela

I’ve never felt like this before.
You taught me things I never knew.
Made me feel things I never felt.
There are people who are
content with who they are.
Not I.
You are different.
That’s why I love you.
Other girls always wear make up and stuff but you don’t.
You have a dark plum face,
A straight nose.
I’ve never seen you getting
manicures and pedicures.
People like to arrive at their own
And I’ve to say;
they’re ugly,
Not on the inside but on the outside.
You’re immaculate,
Independent and most of all,
I’ve noticed that you’ve athletes biceps
and a grilled torso;
you make me want to grill my pot-belly.
There’s nothing in there;
my friends say about my stomach.
Your secret admirers bombard me
with questions.
How is she?
I’m still learning how she is;
I say.

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