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Immortality | A Poem by David Russell

You carried your vengeance beyond decease –
Slowed down the pyre’s cleansing,
Slowed down the soil’s, the water’s warmth,
Left total body change open to the senses –
Pursued your cause beyond its effects,
Stepped out beyond all examples,
Further than all reflections,
Forestalled all worth –
All kindred, all common links –

Seeking to frame a cleansing,
Seeking a bubbling stench,
Blinding off the cause, sinking the bubble,
Aerating the stench.

Since you thought that such a front
Would keep your footsteps light,
Sidestep the quicksand’s dam
So that you could token-touch a cairn –
Erected but unentered,
Tactile – taking an unbroken course –
Blinded wholly on touching.

The given whole, from oneself all taken –
The river whole, clean-bleached,
Its bed eroded;
Nodding answers from the straight,
The cogged, the balanced;
Pressing blinks for engulfment
From the all –

The all whole, harnessed,
Blasted, made permanent:
Some lichen fossilized
Inside a flagstone.

Sad lump beyond your strength,
Your total celebration –
Sunken, dreaded – an iceberg’s reality;
Prismatic, pricking some seeming velvet womb
That rips the skin when touching it;
Total cold, some shivering rib-case
At last replaceable, to thread and string
The lesser wonders.

Total colour, total glittering –
In nothing lacking save the power
To follow one another.

Headlong longing, and yet not in for pitching without;
A limb for pitching, unditched by gravity,
For wishing, jumping.

Mere within the drowning,
Jumping mere with burning.

Visit David at http://www.davidrussell-author.blogspot.co.uk.

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