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Enough | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

You are swallowed in the belly
of Desire –
and hollowed out inside
because all you have tasted
is the cold and consuming feast
of fame.
Your ego is a whale that swims
in the seas of samsara –
I fear you have forgotten
that the rules of this game
demand your consent.
And in the absence of honest speech –
you are quite content
to gorge yourself like a leech
until the blood of their worship
runs dry.
So I offer you this prediction:
Nothing will ever satisfy
the addiction to such lies
so artfully constructed
and so long in the making.
Oh my Beloved,
what you need
is a strong cosmic spanking –
to be shaken and shown
for dust.
I beg you to awaken from this slumber!
For their greed once slackened
grows always and again into that hunger
you cannot trust.
Feed them just once,
only once…
And it will not end.
It is endless.
It is never, ever enough.

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