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Words | A Poem by Nathy Dulanto Bernuy

That disappear with the wind
That time erases easily
Hurt more than punches
Resonate in my head this night

What am I just with words?
An empty soul
A breathless heart
A solitary errand in this lonely world
Nothing but the reflection of my thoughts

What am I just with my voice?
when I can’t get to you
when it vanishes in an echo
when I just want to scream my love
When I can’t talk about what I feel

What am I just with my dreams?
A girl with just love
A stone in the road
A hopeless girl that lost all
Looking for faith in this solitary job

Words won’t be enough to express this love
Words won’t be enough to get to you
Words won’t be enough to apologize enough
What am I going to do when I just have words?

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