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A Female Bird Speaks | A Poem by Naduni

My bird husband is making
A nest, said to be, comfortable
For his babies who still sleep in
My bloated belly
He is so little, and cute
But not weak mind you
When he opens his sharp beak
Every bird becomes weak

While my loving bird husband
Orders lovingly me to rest
While he builds the nest
For his babies that carry on his
Proud family name,
I perch lazily on a towering, dark tree
And doze and doze the whole day
After all what else can I do
I am a female bird mind you,
So I can’t build a nest
Not even for those who come from my own body
It is against nature
If I undertake the work
It would create such chaos in our little bird world

When he’s done I will lay the eggs
And idle till the next season
Then I’ll have to find another lover and lie
If I give up this work
Which is going against the nature,
It would create such chaos in our little bird world

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