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Precious Time | A Poem by Naduni

You rest in peace
Under my swollen eyes
I never knew
My tear glands could produce
So much tears
Till I experimented at your death

Everybody is here
Our friends, your parents
Even my coworkers and yours
They remind me the god given precious moments
I wasted without spending with you
Holding your hand for one more minute
Kissing your forehead for one more second
Cooking you one more romantic dinner

How many times did I dropped a lazy text
Telling you I can’t meet you
‘cause of a board meeting
A funeral of a friend
Shopping at MC
Or a movie with friends or
A get together in the school
Or a Bodhi Pooja in the temple
How many days did I spend without you
Abroad during conferences and

How many nights did I spend at friends’ houses
Leaving you alone on a cold bed at a mute house

Then I thought it is just an hour, just a day, just a night or just a
And that I have a lifetime to spend with you
Here you are, lying motionless as frozen ice
Ashen and cold
My tears that stubbornly wet your chest to rouse you
Come to no avail
If I have just one more week, one more day, one more hour or one more
To hold your hand
To touch your lips
To tell you a thousand things I wanted to tell you
But never had the time
If I could say I love you one last time…

But now there’s no time
I’ve wasted the precious time
Like a fool and now regret

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