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Sepalikas | A Poem by Naduni

Suddenly the barren land seeps with water
The marsh blooms into wild flowers
Uninvited rain
Starts to drizzle through the sky
Ripping its dark clouds open
Uninvited Sepalikas
Blossom into the soft twilight,
Quite at the wrong time.
A mild, chaste fragrance
Overwhelms the ashram
Of her heart
It’s the uninvited intruder
That causes unwelcome changes
In the ambiance
That has been numbed into slumber
From being stagnant for almost too long
A new life springs suddenly around her
When her eyes catch the tall silhouette
Crossing the wooden fence
The rain thunders on to the dried up grass
Under the Sepalika tree
Where she stands, and
She opens her arms to welcome him

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