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Young Things | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

…all young things, being fiery and mettlesome by nature,
are unable to keep their bodies or their tongues still – they
are always making uncoordinated noises and jumping about.
– Plato, Laws II

Their taste in music
is obviously atrocious.
I’m partial to the quiet kids:
the studious, the precocious.

And don’t get me started
on their newfangled lingo –
Or the way they eat pizza
like bloodthirsty dingoes

but hardly gain a pound.

More often than not I’ve found
they have disdain for the old and saggy.
But I in turn offer my contempt,
for their jeans so low and baggy.

One day these awkward young things
will themselves mate and spawn.
Then later it will be their turn
to tell the new young things

to stay off the damn lawn.

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