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Decimated by the Lover | A Poem by Naduni

It is been two years since we parted
No, excuse me,
I always misinterpreted it.
It is been two years,
Since I ditched you.
All this time
I was waiting, perennially,
For that dramatic
Arrival of the elegant bachelor,
A man of such rare
Who can supersede my lost love
With a novel and a more solid version
In whose love
My ascetic life would engulf, immerse and
Steep into transmuting
My ashram for an Eden…
Still waiting,
With a draining hope,
Almost dissolved into a spectre,
Now I almost regret my conviction to
Believe that
Your love was commutable
To another man’s love
Will you sigh about our decimated love
Annihilated by the lover herself?
Or will you despise my naïveté
After reading this sad, despondent poem and
Rejoice you’ve been lucky
To have gotten rid of me

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