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Insomnia | A Poem by Pritha Chakraborty

Alone in the night
I lie on my bed,
Gaping into the darkness.

The crickets chirp,
The frogs croak,
The nocturnal birds continuously call…

I, confined in the darkness of my room;
They, sheltered in the darkness of the night.

I, search for words to call you,
To me…
They, without words make love,
To their mates…

This human life suffocates me,
I find in it no humanity.
Being loved is so difficult,
That it has become an absurdity.

Lust and lechery overrules other emotions,
Here, I lay on my bed,
Drenched in my own perspiration.

The outside world follows its daily routine,
I, mine…
Lying alone on my bed,
Gaping into my inner darkness!

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