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Mortal and Immortal | A Poem by P.K. Deb

In the hard ring of life
mortal and immortal challenge each other
in a wrestling contest
from morning to night,
select the favorite one between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ –
to be used by a confused life.
Indeed, it’s a got up match,
featured by uniformed rivals,
ensnared supporters encircling the ring
and a fixed and separate winning hours
for both mortal and immortal.

The golden time – hot and luminous,
from late morning to early evening,
bestows mortal with invincibility
over everything – material and immaterial.
But frosty and dark is the rest time –
from early evening to next early morning,
enough for mortal to be scared
and sheltered behind immortal –
quite awaken and mighty as a winner
and a line of discipline is set in the game of life.

Nevertheless, life is to be ill-efficient and disturbed
in choosing between Yes and No,
surprised at the interference of mortal and immortal
in each other’s jurisdiction at wrong time –
making life full of confusions and hesitations.

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