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Last Left | A Poem by Elaine Meredith

Light even so, lake waves
break to countless tiny crests
pinpoint brilliant; boundless
tumult, starry dancing water top
in sparkle pale golden glints
leapt and glittering in short lived
flickers as bonfire’s red orange
near spent embers, yellowish
flame glimmered rhythm;
shimmer to heaven beyond.

Limber evergreens set
whip lash arc set boughs,
wind gust limbs tip skyward
harkening; wide blue bounty
does not leave this earth raised
and lowered beneath, and no
shadows thrown upon silent
walls in hue and furor tempest,
but rests below eternity
in unencompassed peace.

That these doings have
no closed meanings or times’
paused cleaved breach amid
creation and passing blue
firmament, rather tell at once
the ascent of vast great water
in eddied stepped green pools,
where all sight and sound have
parted in torrent waterfalls to
unimagined depthless calm.

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