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Two Tongues | A Poem by P.K. Deb

For my effective expression,
wonderful maybe but
I possess a pair of tongues –
one by birth and another by profession.
Ever-active these are to simplify
the jumbled lanes of my heart to other,
yet unable to restrict a critical estimation,
as these differ from each other
so similar these are too to some extent.

Different these are in location
by the distance of more than five oceans,
in emotional expression –
if Windows XP is the former, easy to handle,
the latter is nothing but Windows 8,
needs extra – care and fuel
and in ethical justification,
communal is my tongue by birth
but universal is the tongue by profession.
Yet these are spontaneous and hand in hand
in spraying honey and custard oil
in the ears of friends and foes

Well disciplined these are
In maintaining a line of control and jurisdiction,
as in the outdoor –
my hands are outstretched to embrace the universe
and the professional tongue –
forgetting all jealousy and hatred
wishes to be loud in uttering,
”I Love You”,
but in the indoor,
quite spontaneous and communal I am
in using my tongue by birth
to express my love to my beloved wife,
”Aami Tomake Bhalo bashi”
an oriental expression of love,
meaning, the same – I Love You.

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