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How to Write a Love Poem | A Poem by Naduni

One of my friends said
You should never marry
A poet!
He would write love poems
When you are together
And break-up poems
If you leave him, and
Elegies – if you die.
Thus you are raw material for
His creative machine.
I never agreed with her
What’s wrong in using your lover
For Poetry?
The world doesn’t let you be
A Marxist, a Feminist, a Nazi or any
Kind of rebel
So poetry can’t have a social impact
You get me?
If you don’t the price is your head
Morality is out of style
So no one would bother to read your moralistic poems
War poems are outdated too
Anyway the NGOs won’t let you write war poems
Like Tennyson’s
So what is left to you
Is that little boy
Who has a crush on you
Or who is your crush
So you take him out
Rip him open
Separate each part
Scan and analyse
Then categorize
After that he is ready to be written about.
When you write
You can distort his looks, characteristics,
His history etc.,
And upgrade them or degrade
As you like
So basically you can do anything
With that crush of you
But you should inject the word “love”
Here and there with some sentiments.
For that purpose
You can add some images of
The beach, the sky etc.,
So your love poem is ready
And your creativity is justified
If you say “yes it is”
To the question,
“Is this poem based on your personal experience?”

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