Poems and Poetry

Metamorphosis | A Poem by Naduni

The niches that once overheard
Your conspiracies against
Are dull and half asleep
The walls that once bore your passionate
And rebellious expressions
Written in full force
Are white and immaculate
The ancient trees with numerous branches
That sheltered the youth
Who sacrificed their own roofs
In search of a better shelter
Through a different decree
Are staring at the deserted ground
The buildings where you held your congregations,
Planned and cheered;
Where you laid the dead, who died like cattle and wept;
Where you laid the bleeding and removed
Bullets from their arms and skulls
Are no longer bloody
They are full of youths engulfed in chatter
About “Dae Jangueme”
There reverberate the silly laughs of girls
And the beating of the boys’ hearts
Pending love
And dialogues practiced by aspiring actresses

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