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The Prison of My Dreams | A Poem by Rebecca Delahoz

I look at my life and see who I really am. I see how others may see me. Staring at myself in the mirror I’m forced to see the real me. The me I try to hide from others around me.

I see someone who dares to dream, but dreaming is all that she does. She knows where she wants to be even how to get there, but doesn’t dare walk away from her ways.

So in her dreams she stays. The fear of breaking free and having to
overcome her insecurities holds her back from this person she wants to be. Staring in the mirror looking at the reflection that doesn’t match this girl in her dreams. She screams. Living in a prison of her dreams. The fear of knowing she’s not breaking free.

How do you overcome so that you may break free? It’s a prison I feel inside of me. I need to be the real me. I put myself in this prison of my dreams. The shackles that hold me down are all the insecurities I let grow and take control of me. In the end it’s me who dreams, and it’s only me who can break free from the prison of my dreams.

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