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The Wheezing Rain | A Poem by Naduni

Laps against the semi
Of the half open window
Insufferable drought
Comes to a standstill
‘Seize the moment’
A young man shouts from the street
A handsome boy
On his way to adulthood
Unhardened by the truths of life
Unroughened by the coarseness
Of living
He hasn’t lived yet for more than two decades
‘beautiful faces no cares in this world
When the girl loves the boy and the boy loves the girl’
I look for the girl
She is nowhere to be seen
Looking at him I ponder over my life
How old am I yet so young
I wish I were sillier and simpler
Life would have been easier
He senses me, looks up and smiles at me
I smile back
The boy passes the house
May be not,
Life would have been more difficult
If it wasn’t roughened and hardened
The darkest niche of my heart knows
That the ‘experience’ is what keeps you going

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