Poems and Poetry

Up There | A Poem by Elaine Meredith

The endless reign
of her sublime serenity
from column two
on a corner music box
and hard worn floor.

With a nasal twang
it could snap the strings
on a pedal steel, and
yodel that’d quick start
a cold stoker’s heart.

There on stage
a single spot lit island,
she pulls all the stops
that a pedal drum
couldn’t knock apart.

There an evening’s
swept melodies, that
thrum under a meeting
hall light, cut shadow
on the bayou.

Fireflies in darkened
beams waltz symphonies;
another melting heartache
two steps into the
morning dew.

At dawn old porch
timbers seem to hum
a tune, where a pair
of mules are silhouetted
against the blue.

An old blazing disc
just risen up the sky;
and another old story
that we’d known
come by and by.

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