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Apple Fritter and a Single Rose | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

After 30 years together,
late one evening
she decides to mention
in the manner of a quiet wife
that I have yet to write
a poem about her, something
she can’t understand in light
of all those other poems
I wrote about those other women
I knew before I met her
even though I tell her
those other poems were cast
about no real women I ever knew
the way I now know her,
even if I saw them once or twice,
perhaps, for dinner followed by
a dash of vodka over ice.
Near midnight, though,
she says again,
in the manner of a quiet wife
thirty years with her and still no poem.
And so one winter morning I drive off
in the icy dark to buy a paper
and a poem and find instead,
sitting in a big glass case,
an undulating apple fritter,
tanned and glistening.
I pair the lovely fritter
with a single long-stem rose
saluting near the register,
deep red, at full attention.
I bring both home
but she is still asleep
and so I put them on the bread board,
the apple fritter in repose,
the rose, of course, at a certain angle.
When she wakes
I hope they’ll speak for me
until I find or write a poem better than
an undulating apple fritter in repose
and a deep red rose at full attention.

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