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My Night | A Poem by Anuradha Fonseka

You are my night
Who belongs to me when midnight falls
You are around me with
Greatest love and greatest care
You embrace me like the night does
Keeping a comfy space between us though
You feel like the night
Dark, deep and never ending pitch
Into which I keep falling every night
When the world dreams we dream together
With endless “what if…anyways”
You are the night I sleep in
You are the night I dream in
With you I walk under the moon
With you I learn the stories of stars
With you I smell the flowers of night
With you I dance in the rain
With you my night
Endless adventure.
Like the flames of a barking hearth
Does my heart sigh
You are the night that dissolves with the sun
Yours is the love I have no right to claim.

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