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Departure | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways – I to die,
and you to live. Which is better God only knows.
— Socrates in Plato’s Apology

It is the way of all flesh and dust
That most things must come to an end.
What begins must stop, what was
Becomes what is not.

But some things remain. Not just
The DNA passed on to your descendants.
There are other remnants beyond
The grave and mortal coil of weakness.

To speak of it would spoil the secret.

This then is the end of a poem
That knows well what it can’t disclose
While hoping for a sequel.
So for now, this poet of the people
Says goodbye, the end – Finito.

Visit Daniel at http://about.me/dklawitter.

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