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Coffee and My Mother-in-Law | A Poem by P.K. Deb

My mother-in-law,
frequently invited and ever-welcomed
yet likes to trespass my family every now and then,
draws ugly wrinkles on
the plain canvas of my fate,
nevertheless, I pay a welcome smile to her.
My busy commercial schedule-
ever- active to make me rich
but too poor to awake
my consciousness regarding my family schedule,
tongue-less to babbling tongues as a consequence
and washed up thoroughly without any detergent.
Alas! Coal never leaves its colour,
trend-wise ill-fated I was again
to be unmindful to the cordial invitation,
a personal request of my awesome mother-in- law
and a sufferer from an oral storm very soon.
”Oh God, save me please”!
an importunity came out of my timid heart.
As expected she appeared in the next morning,
swept me top to bottom with her verbal broom
in a collaboration with my wife too.
Chilled morning that was,
her voice was quivering in cold
added by her own aggressive emotion.
My all attempts to cool her surrendered
and lead me to kitchen to hide,
I was fortunate to be blessed by God
as my eyes fell on the packet of chocolate coffee,
a smile was bloomed on my lips
and a cup of hot chocolate coffee was prompt
to reach below the nose of mother-in-law
with its enchanting magical flavour,
started extinguishing her fire of emotion
with her each and every sip step by step
and I thanked God and coffee both for a hot rescue.

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