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The Cheap Metal | A Poem by Naduni

You are the cheap metal
That easily darkens
Or becomes green
With jealousy.
The moment I see you
My heart catches fire
That your very complexion
The blood-shot eyes
Race my heart beat
(This is the silliest poem I have ever written)
It reminds me the trance-like effect
Of grass – lands
The dark hues you wear
The blacks the navy blues
Accentuate your dark slant
The occasional white
Brings out the empty slate
You had back then
(Or rather I think you have had back then)
The fiery glances,
The passionate smiles
The bend of your muscled body
And the pointing of your long feet
Towards me, whenever I pass
The eyebrow flash
The meek withdrawal
When I pretend to be unaware
Of your very existence
Prove your dark attraction
My first and last
Long glance
That searched for you
Among the crowd across the road
Which withdrawing
Found you reclining
Against the fence and observing me
With a relaxed serene countenance
The knowing smile
The dark hot gaze
I am not meant for you
I’m far more superior
I am not Leela, Ram
I am not Leela
The obligations
The class, the wealth, the upbringing
Expectations, duties, backdrop
Caste, morality, conduct
And this and that
And etc., and whatnot
I am bound.
But you are free,
Fly, fly and I will watch your flight
But don’t think, without a tear
That does never appear in my cold proud eyes

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