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My Dear Purple Flower Tree | A Poem by Naduni

I didn’t know your name
But I knew you were always there
Shedding continuous purple
Onto the green velvet carpet
That kissed the lovers’ feet
Being no lover myself
I’ve never trodden any of your purple
So, I believe I have never caused you any
I observed them, watched them morning and evening
Digging, drilling, spitting, sweating
Exhausting you
Then manifesting their deepest cruelties
Filled with soil the little slope of your abode
Half covering your graceful curves
And distorting your grandeur
Now they have stopped
But left the spot in such a shabby, muddy
And chaotic condition
That no lovers come any more under you
You are no more romantic for them
Don’t worry dear,
Lovers do change
They are the most susceptible for change
Being no lover myself
I know I have not changed
You are still romantic for me
So I still do not tread your purple sinews
And I believe I don’t cause you any

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