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Divine Distribution | A Poem by P.K. Deb

I feel lucky enough to be posted here
with a mission to accomplish
along with other
by my Boss – a great soul,
in the name of whom
swearing proves its honesty.
Blissful I am to work for him,
hopeful for due remuneration
and watchful for a post-man —
bringing my earned money
sent by my great Boss.
On the wheels of time
days, months, and years —
the running vehicles,
carrying the post-man,
stop near my hut
but no post-man is available
to knock my closed door
and no kind hand is extended
to fill my emptiness up.
Report blames the mighty and the shrewd —
claiming the money by force,
pillaging the post-man mercilessly,
creating the problem of haves and have nots
and compelling the almighty Boss
to think about the adoption of
an alternative system of divine distribution.

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