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Valley of Liberty | A Poem by Naduni

My life is beautiful…
The sun is peeping through
The thick mane of clouds
The grass is soft like a velvet carpet
Still wet and cold with the last night’s dew.
I put one heeled foot
The dew pops
I hear the tinkle and cherish it
Dew to my ear…
The silky breeze hugs and kisses me
Ruffles my hair and lightens my head
I let it caress me that way and
I begin walking.
My chiffon dress rustles
Around my feet
I run towards the wooden bridge
And lean against the banister
I peep out and see the blue waters
Deep but benign
The haven of silver fish
I hear the waters ripple to the rhythm
Of the fish’s graceful gliding
I smile, beam and then laugh
I laugh heartily,
I laugh my heart out!
I have wings and I can fly
I fly and fly and come back to the earth.
Tall, silver rocks hide me from the outside world
I am safe
I feel safe after my childhood,
For the first time
No one can come
No one can scold, criticise nor demean
No one can cheat and use and scratch
New blood fills my veins
My dull skin turns a coral pink
My chapped lips smoothen and ripen
I begin to run
I run gleefully, ecstatically,
All over My valley
My valley of liberty.
Liberty kisses me on my lips
I kiss him back on his heart
No, not ‘his’, for Liberty is asexual
Formless and transparent

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