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I Am An Old Scratch | A Poem by Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne

I Am A FacetLess Soul Of Assumptions,
Forgetting The Broken Fence,
By A Crippled Cold Bridge,
Rotting Soft Wormed Wood,
And That OverTurned Pitch Black Fork In The Road,
My Name Could Be An Old Scratch…

Heavy Killing To Lift The Air For Breeding,
Acres Of Familyar Terrain For Following Minute Irritations…

This Way Comes…

Distractions And Pretense,
Assertions In My FingerTips To ReWind,
Then To ReLight The Charcoal And Ignore Tantalus…

Thirsty Birds And My 13 Scars,
I Can Twist The Wrist To Settle The Difference?
Show The City What Shadow I Might Nail UpOn The Wall,
Let It Bleed Back Down To That FloorBoard’s Beat,
Wear My Shoes To Bed…

Make My Way To The Falling Of Rain,
And MayBe Carve My Initials With A Pen-Knife From This Life’s
InTo A Pillar Of Thought…

I Be LoneSome But Never A Fool… Nor A Flood,
I Can Still Wink And Grin… I Can Wash My Hands And EveryThing…

Tartarus Never Sleeps.

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