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Knowledge of Mother Ocean | A Poem by Robert Zumbrun

Pirates are the scourge of the rough high seas
There are one hundred and nine seas on earth
Earth has five oceans where many ships sail
Sails catch wind to propel a boat forward
Wind stirs and swirls, hurricanes are then born
Hurricanes are destructive ocean rage
Rage is seen in the red face of anger
Criminal faces on wanted posters
Pirates are criminal thieves of the sea
Pirates are the scourge of the rough high seas

Poet’s Note:

This poem is written using a new poetic form named Veritalifasm. The poem is a conscious string of fact. The rules of the form are as follows: 10 line poems, 10 syllables per line, each line has to make a factual or truthful statement, each line must refer back to or reference something from the previous line, line nine must also reference something from line one, Line ten repeats line one (this brings the poem full circle).

These poems are meant to follow a conscious string of thought, emulating the random and sometimes confusing way in which thoughts flow through the brain. One thing links to another, to another, until the topic eventually reached in no way seems relatable to the topic began with. In the case of Veritalifasm, the poems come full circle, ending where it began with the repetition of the final line.

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