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Maybe God Is A Cat | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

“In 1911, the little town of Nakhla in Egypt was the scene of one of
the most remarkable events in history: a chunk of rock (later
discovered to be a piece of the planet Mars) fell from the sky and
killed a dog,the only known canine fatality caused by a cosmic
–Paul Davies, The Fifth Miracle.

Maybe God is a Cat —
Sharpening her claws on planets,
Pouncing from star to star
Unraveling our lives like yarn.

We scatter as mice in the barn,
Our hearts pitter-patter —
But there is nowhere to hide
If God is a celestial cat like that:

A feline God of War
Brighter than Blake’s Tyger
Who knows what fangs are for
And never leaves survivors.

Visit Daniel at http://about.me/dklawitter.

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2 thoughts on “Maybe God Is A Cat | A Poem by Daniel Klawitter

  1. H.C. Heartland

    This is the first time I’ve seen that type of prologue with a poem and I LOVE IT! As a writer, I really admire your personal style, it is appealing, humorous, and timeless!

    1. Daniel Klawitter

      Thanks so much H.C. I’m grateful you enjoyed the poem! I’ve always been intrigued by poets who use epigrams/quotes to start off and frame their poems.