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Lilting Ode | A Poem by Alistair Muir

And so we ply our trade with words and rhyme –
To search for inspiration – verse sublime –
Along with help from Terpsichore the Muse –
Whose good intent to help and not bemuse;
The nouns and verbs fall now like notes in air –
You hold your breath to read but hardly dare –
So musical you thank your Muse indeed –
For giving you this one chance to succeed;
Content in fact amazed at work this time –
You save the piece – re-read each loving rhyme –
At last you have achieved something of note –
This lilting ode now gets your casting vote;
At peace again you start another verse –
But Muse deserts in cruel a twist – perverse.

Visit Alistair at http://www.verse-virtual.com/alistair-muir.html.

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