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El Torero Cabaret | A Poem by Richard William Kirkpatrick-Thorne

Heavy UpOn The Shoulders,
A Mountain Giant,
And From WithIn The Dominion Of Its Skull,
All Wet And Bundled Into A Carriage Of Blankets,
The Grit And Dew…

Up Above The Slope And Grade,
To The One-Eyed In Recluse And Wool,
Picking At The Meat Left In Fugal Wicker,
When At Leisure Not By The Heated Of Discussion,
Resting Its Head By A Grinding Brook…

When Alerted By Snouted Draft,
It Learns To Lean Back UpOn The Nearly Deaf,
A Minute For Depressions Left To ReMind,
For It To Organize InTo Romantics…

Chocolately Enticeing To The Immigrant,
Whose Lines Lead Out From Places Of Plantains To Tambourines,
Surrounding All States To Surrender,
Mothers Hurriedly Takeing Those Whites Off …

These Days Be As Enveloped As Be Stamped,
Cleaner Than The Ways Of Older Pushes,
Loyal To The Swerve…

A Riposte Over The Bulge,
Answering To The Trickle-Down,
InTo The Coded Cork…

For Twins… InTwine… In Trust To Be Not With Sleep’s Brother,
As Those Of Lacking Be Respected In Age…

Though It Be Only Performed In Etiquette,
Never True To The Cutlery… And Seldom Seen Parrying With The Cloth.

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