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The Ensnaring Morning | A Poem by P.K. Deb

My morning clean and clear eyes
The best place to fall on them
For something fresh, cool and nice.
The same old park of monotony
For daily jogging, walking and refreshing —
Was my routine – wise morning destiny.
Exhausted body and monotonous mind
Compelled me to sit for a while
On a bench with a bush behind.
Luckily the morning was dutiful
In awaking up my dormant fortune
To witness a jogging girl – fresh and beautiful.
What a thrill it was! The jogging —
She jogged freely round and round
But made me submerged in sweating.
A heart-quake was felt
To shed down my synthetic seriousness
And to heat my heart to melt .
I discovered my naughtiness
As my protruded eyes and inquisitive mind
Jogged behind her as shameless.
Slowly the sun came the park inside
Made the girl tired and brought her
About to me to sit beside.
She wished me, “Good Morning,”
But ensnared and watchful I was
To her ups and downs of quick breathing.
“Hey Mister, where are you?” she enquired
And brought me back into the reality
From fantasy where I was quite ensnared.
On my stammering in reply,
She sketched a curved smile
And rewarded me her first and last good-bye.

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