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She and My Family | A Poem by P.K. Deb

On the way to railway station —
a sweet passionate voice flew in,
“Have a fun with me,”
a commercial solicitation of a line-girl
with an erotic embellishment
and a youthful gesture of submission.

I had never been to their parlour
where injured and abandoned hearts
rush for a little plaster and shelter.

To my dormant lustful instinct,
it seemed to be an passionate summon,
or an inquisitiveness pinched me too
which slowed down my walking speed,
so I stopped and looked at her.

Was it a miracle or the spiritual power
of a God fearing who ruled over my
body, mind and soul?
resisting me from any beacon of hell.

As I looked at her, surprisingly
I witnessed my beloved wife on her face,
that sacred image and the blue eyes
where my dreams were bloomed.

A wave of shamefulness rushed
and floated away my shameless instinct,
my trembling honesty was rejuvenated
and the trust survived its purity.

I turned myself to railway platform —
my regular semi-destination for the
final-destination, my home- my divine shelter
where my family is growing up.

“Hello sir, I don’t demand more,”
same temptation with dramatic emotion
which enchanted me to look at her again.

Amazingly, I found her with my children
by her either sides, watching my step
which acted as a final stroke on my soul.

Suddenly I felt sick,
and started toddling for a while,
“Oh God save me,” an importunity came out
and I centralised all forces on my feet
to walk gently towards the platform.
the train arrived in on time
and took me to home – my final destination

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