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An Opportunist Life | A Poem by P.K. Deb

Each and every atom and molecule —
the architects of the earthly lives
look for the destination
set by an unknown autocrat
and make them mindful to their own business.

Indeed, this is just a daily routine —
the sun rises,
and all plunge into the time-river.
Water flows down
and touches the bottom
to penetrate it for flowing
down again to the deepest
hollow of the earth.

Air blows up
and flies to touch the sky —
the ceiling of capability and wishes
to pierce into it to fly
up again to the highest cavity of the space.
Maybe, they are destined
to somewhere else
and for some other purposes.

Look, Life can’t flow down
or can’t blow and fly up
but still it steals silently
the fuel from water and air
to survive as an opportunist in nature.

Love is divine and untouchable to selfishness
nevertheless, someone appears in life
in quest of a company
and a life needs too
to tame an enchanting illusion
in the name of love
and it loves and is loved in earthly style.
Maybe, heart can feel
and soul also can perceive,
a needy and greedy body
with an opportunist life
can only trade but not love
so long we are not adopted by Liala and Majnu

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