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The Chiding | A Poem by Naduni

“You are too hard and inflexible!”
You chide me, your face on fire
“You are overly sensitive and emotional!”
I point out, tactfully reverting the chiding.
But deep within I know,
I was too harsh on you
(Not that I wanted to, in a way I had to)
And I also know
That I have become hard and inflexible
Like a plant, after intermittent beatings
Of the weather, grows into a massive tree
Nothing can bend.
But all the same your sweet self,
Funny, silly and cute self
Reminds me how once I was.
You are several years older than me
Do I envy you for your inborn gentleness
Still staying with you?
No my darling, no.
I only fill with fear
Fear for you being transformed
Into myself,
On a day not far away.

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