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Poem | A Poem by Emma Vasquez

No questions asked, no what no why,
Rushing by no time to cry,
No care to share, or why or where,
Too complicated, to be there,
A hurried yes to keep the peace,
Longing to be the one deceased,
Not knowing how to spend the time,
Is this real? Am I fine?!
Even so, nowhere to go,
You may not see them, they’re alone,
And even if the time did come,
You sit alone just feeling numb,
Shaking hands, a quick heartbeat,
Buzzing mind, hot, feeling weak,
Impulsive thoughts not carried through,
Don’t understand, can’t think of you,
Hysterical minds pushed away,
Will deal with it another day,
It doesn’t leave it stays right there,
Hidden in darkness it’s own lair,
Forced smiles and laughs so weak,
Can’t see forward all is bleak,
Pretending all is good and well,
That you’re fine l, it’s locked in hell,
Daily business, auto mode,
Getting by, all talk in code,
A living demon locked within,
Glazed over by the thoughts of sin,
A happy soul, once again?
No quick heartbeat, no impulse pain,
All laughter, hugs and smiles so sweet,
No more tears or curled up feet,
Day to day work is done,
Telling everyone that you have won,
But secretary you die inside,
Tears fall down it’s all a lie.

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