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I’m poet Guy Farmer and I created Poems and Poetry because my perspective was silenced when I was growing up and I wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else, including poets. This site is completely reader supported, please consider becoming a patron and help me keep writing and publishing poems.


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Long Pause | A Poem by Guy Farmer

There’s a long pause
Followed by a few
Tentative attempts to
Get the conversation
Started, trying to scale
A wall erected by fear.

Devoid of knowledge and
Experience, they wobble
Down an unexplored path,
Each hesitant to take
Another step, a precipice
At every turn.

It ends before it begins,
Where it’s always been,
Laying dormant and untended,
The disease never treated,
Ignored as much as
Important things can be.

Life in Black and White | A Poem by Roy Pullam

Milestones like pages in my life
Flip as I read them
Often I revisit pages
That have special meaning to me
It is an incomplete story
A life
Filled with fiction
Opinions I had
At that time
With tragedy and heartbreak
But never
Enough romance
Still always passion
A caring
A wide-eyed enthusiasm
For what was in
The next chapter
I have not written
The epilogue yet
Searching my imagination
For a proper ending