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I’m poet Guy Farmer and I love exploring the human condition, from the sublime to the silly, through poetry. I created Poems and Poetry to feature original contemporary poetry about the human condition by thoughtful poets worldwide.


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The Silence between Friends | A Poem by Roy Pullam

The circle narrows
Their faces light
When we come close
But there is distance now
A bond broken
A relationships severed
As the atom split
We were protons
Positive in our youth
Constantly in motion
With dreams
With ambition
And now neutrons
Not reacting
To the thought
The behind the eye
That somehow
We could harness
The energy
Make that call
Arrange that meeting
Do that outing
But the bother
Has bearing
Too much effort
To disturb
The comfort of aloneness

Unwhole | A Poem by Guy Farmer

She felt unwhole and did the unwholesome.
She felt unloved and loved no one, including herself.
She felt unsatisfied and so her life went.

A slow, tortuous, paralyzing journey to places
She didn’t want to visit, with people she could
Not have cared less about.

Flipping through the images stored on a chip
As cold and impersonal as the experiences
She pretended to enjoy.

Quickly Moves On | A Poem by Guy Farmer

I immediately see it
In his eyes,
Just beneath the bluster,
Pervasive fear, and
Not just a flicker but a
Fully formed flame,
Pleading for solace,
Some kind of relief from
All these years of pain and
Everything he’s done to others to
Try to silence the agony.
He doesn’t let me in, but it’s
Clear he knows I know, and
Quickly moves on to the
Next person who doesn’t.