Poems and Poetry


MPD | A Poem by Cleo

look at all the people
my words allow me to be:
the girl with no heart
and the girl with a heart bleeding.
the girl who’s so confused
and the girl who knows what she wants,
the girl who fears everything
and the girl who fears nothing at all.

look at all the people
my tongue allows to speak:
multi personality disorder they call it
but every single voice is still me.
the girl who’s falling apart
and the girl made of steel,
the girl who lives in fantasy
and the girl who lives the real.

look at all the people
my mind allows to peek:
the girl who’s at her edge
and the girl who’s as calm as the sea.
the girl who can’t take another day
and the girl who’s ready for more,
the girl who climbs mountains
and the girl who falls floors.

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