Poems and Poetry

Valhalla Can Wait | A Poem by Paul Tristram

There’s another Spring a-coming
after this long, bitter Winter.
The path is twisting fiercely
but that does not signify an ending
merely a new chapter beginning.
I’ve still strength enough
to work the morning anvil
and carve miracles from wood.
I’ve Fathered all my Offspring
but I’m yet to watch them grow.
My wheat and barley
are only shoulder-high…
there’s still a-way to go.
Before the grinning Reaper
takes a swipe
and a-tumbles me like snow.
My battle-axe still has room
for a few fresh notches yet.
I can thunder with the best of them,
my instincts remain sharp and true.
There’s another barn to build somewhere,
always more horse’s hooves to shoe.
I’ve learnt my lessons hard and well,
I take comfort in small pleasures.
Whilst striving always higher,
each extra sunrise is a gift, a treasure.

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A Family Thing | A Poem by Donal Mahoney

Someone broke in the house
the weekend the elderly couple was
out of town, a family thing.

The TV, the couch and
computer were gone.
Someone took everything.
Even the silverware,
tables and chairs.

The couple had everything
insured except for the new
photos of their daughter.
They were in the computer
emailed by their son last week.

Kate was all smiles in the photos
and the couple wanted to have them
printed and framed and hung
on the living room wall
above the fireplace.

The weekend of the robbery
the elderly couple was out of town
at her funeral, a family thing.

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We Can Move On | A Poem by G. Louis Heath

I visited my Mom at the morgue today.
She’s doing just fine. And thank you for

asking. It’s sad it’s come to this, but now
we communicate much better. Death doth

become her! Too bad we didn’t share more
in life. But, as they say, it’s never too late.

At least that’s the way I feel, though I can
see you might differ. You remind me of Dad

before he passed away. Always the stone face,
the inscrutable Sphinx, always guessing at my

thoughts, and I his. You might say things have
settled down a lot now, and we can move on.